Bijagua Mountain Real Estate Guanacaste Costa Rica
Find business investment real estate, Hotels, and land for sale in the mountain of Bijagua Guanacaste Costa Rica.
Bijagua and surrounding Miravalles area are just recently have become a favorite tourist spot.
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7 Properties Found
Costa Rican house for sale

For Sale


Costa Rican house for sale close to Bijagua, surrounded by beautiful mountains and hills

Costa Rican house for sale close to Bijagua, surrounded by beautiful mountains and hills Sun Real Estate Costa Rica offers you a Costa Rican house for sale in a very beautiful region of the country.  Its located 20 minutes away from Bijagua, …

270 m²
Commercial Property Bijagua Sun Costa Rica Real Estate

For Sale


Commercial Property Bijagua

Commercial Property in Bijagua This commercial property Bijagua is located five hundred meters from the town of Santo Domingo, in Bijagua, just thirty minutes from Río Celeste, one of the most visited and beautiful places in the province of Alajuela. This property …

3 ha.
Mountain Commercial Property for sale Miravalles area Sun Costa Rica Real Estate

For Sale


Business for sale Mountain Commercial Property Naranjo River

Costa Rica Mountain Commercial Property Business investment opportunity mountain commercial property for sale in the touristic area of Miravalles. The building was initially used as a rest house on weekends, but the decision was made to put it to work as a restaurant …

339 m² 2 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms
Land for sale Building Lot Bijagua in Guanacaste Sun Costa Rica Real Estate

For Sale


Miravalles Property Building Lot Bijagua Guanacaste

Building Lot Bijagua for sale in the Miravalles Valley Business Investment opportunities the building lot Bijagua can be used for the construction of houses, cabins, condominiums, commercial premises, and other similar purposes. Since the whole lot is properly leveled, where the contour …

4.731 m² m²
Mountain Property for sale in Bijagua Guanacaste Costa Rica Sun Real Estate

For Sale


Mountain Property w. Rustic Country House

Mountain Property in Bijagua for sale Guanacaste Costa Rica This beautiful mountain property for sale is located three kilometers from the town of Bijagua, on the side of the main road. Street front  105 linear meters. The Mountain Real Estate is located …

1 ha
Boutique Hotel Bijagua Mountain Loge for sale in Guanacaste Costa Rica Sun Real Estate

For Sale


Boutique Hotel Bijagua Spectacular Mountain Lodge

 Boutique Hotel Bijagua in the Mountains of  Costa Rica Boutique Hotel Bijagua ready to convert into a post-COVID retreat and resting home in Costa Rica, a country that can control and manage the pandemic, a healthy and sane country, a world example! Check …

7 ha 23 Bedrooms 22 Bathrooms
Sun Costa Rica Real Estate Business Investment mountain hotel Bijagua for sale

For Sale


Business Investment: Mountain Real Estate Hotel for sale

Mountain Hotel for sale in Bijagua Miravalles Guanacaste Costa Rica The measure of the Mountain Hotel Bijagua 12.300 m² land area/3.04 acres. Construction  area 3.500 m² 37,673 sqft. The property consists of seven comfortable houses with a total of 8 bedrooms.  Including …

1.23 ha 8 Bedrooms 7 Bathrooms