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Sun Costa Rica Real Estate offers you the best Hot springs and Thermal springs in the country. We have for you the best of the best, beautiful mountain properties with warm springs. One of our properties is located in Alajuela, Aguas claras. This region of Costa Rica is covered by nature and wild animals. Certainly a very fertile land with green vegetation throughout the year. In conclusion, we don’t know what you think but we know these are perfect warm bathing conditions.

Volcanoes in the Area

Miravalles, Rincon de la Vieja, and Tenorio are the three volcanoes that provide hot springs to our properties. The water that is near the volcanoes gets in contact with the underground hot rocks; This water comes back up warm, creating hot springs. However, volcanoes in our area are protected national parks; All of them, house lots of nature and wild animals. Rincon de la vieja, Tenorio and Miravalles volcano are amazing touristic stops.

Benefits of Sun Real Estate Hot springs Properties

Sun real estate hot spring properties are the best. Thermal Water bathing brings many benefits to your health. In addition, thermal springs reduce stress and deflame swellings. For instance, they also activate your metabolism. Warm Springs fight sickness and stimulate relaxation. Throughout history, native indigenous used mineral waters for healing; Warm springs contain natural healthy minerals. What stops you from buying a mineral water source?

Most importantly, ever thought about relaxing in a hot spring? What could be better than spending an entire day in a thermal spring? Well let me tell you; The only better thing could be spending your entire life in one. What are you waiting for? Certainly, get in touch with Sun Costa Rica Real Estate and purchase now the best property!

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Development thermal water property Sun Costa Rica Real Estate

For Sale


Thermal Water Property

Development Property w. Thermal Water Springs The thermal water property is located in the province of Alajuela, Aguas Claras, Upala. A natural area with humid tropical weather, very fertile land with green vegetation throughout the year, and wavy topography, the average temperature …

3.6 ha
Warm spring property Sun Costa Rica Real Estate

For Sale


Warm spring mountain property with antique wooden house,  50 minutes from Liberia city   

Warm Spring Property in a tropical mountain landscape with an antique wooden house,  50 minutes from Liberia city   Sun Real Estate offers you the best large warm spring property in the country. The large warm spring property is located close to Tierras …

15.48 ha
hot and cold springs for sale

For Sale


Hot and Cold spring property for sale in Dos Rios, Alajuela

Hot and cold springs property for sale, surrounded by an overgrown farm, taken back by nature  Sun Real Estate Costa Rica offers you the best Hot and Cold Springs property for sale in Costa Rica. This terrain with 2 natural hot and …

49.6 ha
Thermal Water Property Hot Spring Farm for Developer - Upala Costa Rica Sun Real Estate

For Sale


Hot Spring Property with Permits for Tourism Business

Natural Thermal Water Property with 7 natural water sources This beautiful thermal water property has seven natural water sources, including hot springs ideal for developing a tourist project. The location is in Dos Ríos de Upala, one of the most attractive natural …

7 ha 8 Bedrooms 7 Bathrooms
Hot Spring Property self-sustaining farm with thermal waterfall for sale Sun Costa Rica Real Estate



Hot Spring Property Private Thermal Waterfall and Natural Pool

Private Thermal Water Hot Spring Property Vegan Food self-sustaining Farm This hot spring property with a warm thermal waterfall is located in a small village with the name of Paraíso of Tierras Morenas by Tilarán. Close to the Arenal area in the …

9.74 ha. 2 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms