Beachfront commercial property in Junquillal

  • Commercial property Junquillal Sun Costa Rica Real Estate
  • Commercial property Junquillal Sun Costa Rica Real Estate
  • Commercial property Junquillal Sun Costa Rica Real Estate
  • Commercial property Junquillal Sun Costa Rica Real Estate
  • Commercial property Junquillal Sun Costa Rica Real Estate
  • Commercial property Junquillal Sun Costa Rica Real Estate
Lot Area: 1.36 ha.

Beachfront commercial property in Junquillal

Sun Real Estate Costa Rica offers you the best commercial property in Costa Rica. Located straight in front of the beach. Junquillal is a beautiful white sanded dream beach located in the province of Guanacaste. In this part of the country, it’s normally very sunny, and it’s in the middle of the most beautiful paradisiacal beaches in the whole country with fresh salty water, perfect for cooling down. Therefore Sun Real Estate is not only offering you a beautiful commercial property, but it’s also offering you a unique opportunity in life, and you should not let it flee from your hands. This property has a small trail of 100 meters of tropical nature garden growth in which you have to cross a small wooden bridge and then you will be directly at the beach. 

Permitted uses are hotels, cabins, restaurants, bars, sports areas, swimming pools, passive recreation areas, rental of sporting and recreational items, soda cafeterias, and also services related to lodging activity.

Conditional uses: Discos, souvenir shops, camping, nightclubs, travel agencies, condominiums, recreational residences.

the most base Side rules are 

The maximum construction coverage is 40% 

The maximum construction height is 15 meter 

Very flat land with two levels so it permits different levels of construction without view obstruction, it has no mangle, beautiful yet unprotected trees, and tons of monkeys, birds, and crabs.

About Junquillal and other Beaches

Already mentioned before, Junquillal is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Guanacaste province, with no water problems at all. This beachfront commercial property is really close to Tamarindo, which is one of the most if not THE HOTTEST commercial point in the zone. Located 50 minutes from the beachfront commercial property Tamarindo is one of the most active tourist-wise beach cities in this province. Many young tourists and locals travel to this town to enjoy the entertainment it provides and the big waves you may ride. Yes, sir, Tamarindo is one of the best surfing zones as well, and living close to it would be a dream come true for many.

Junquillal by itself is also a very touristic beach town, there are many villas, and lodges near the commercial property. In fact, Milos Eco Lodge is the neighboring property to the beachfront commercial terrain for sale. The beachfront commercial property is a concession from the government, this means you will not buy the property, you will buy a right of live time also for your descendants, that will let you develop a hotel, cabins, rental apartments, restaurant, cafeteria, bar, or outdoor sports court for tourist use. This is a unique opportunity for making a gold mine, if the owner invests smartly he or she could easily make a wonderful touristic destination. This is a great offer and a unique opportunity in a beautiful country like Costa Rica.

Playa Junquillal is a beautiful, calm and secure beach town perfect for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. This beach won the honor of a blue flag due to its environmental conditions. The blue flag is one of the world’s most recognized voluntary awards for beaches, marinas, and sustainable boating tourism operators. To qualify for the Blue Flag, a series of strict environmental, educational, safety, and accessibility features must be met and maintained. This beach is super clean, secure, and perfect for starting your dreamt business.  

Price and Deal of the land for sale

We are talking about a 1.36 ha or 13,600 m² of perfect beachfront commercial property in Junquillal, Guanacaste Costa Rica. These could be the opportunity of your life. There is a small wooden house in the commercial property which could be fitted out for different uses. The oceanfront property has a stepped topography, but it’s not very broken, this allows the development of different heights in the land without blocking the spectacular oceanview. The property houses many native trees and local fauna such as monkeys, birds, and crabs. The price of your dream beachfront commercial property is 1,300,000 USD. The offer is amazing taking into account the potential of the land, what are you waiting for buying the opportunity of developing your dreamt of business. The relationship between price and quality is wonderful, don’t let this opportunity get away from your hands.  In conclusion, call Sun Real Estate Costa Rica to start the negotiation.

Visit Sun Real Estate Costa Rica

Firstly, our Office is in Guanacaste. Located 4 km west of Daniel Oduber International Airport. Located inside and next to the German Bakery. Browse all beachfront properties or click on the link in the sidebar to see specific areas in Costa Rica. To sum up, if you have a specific property in mind you cannot find in our listings, please let us know. We will look for the best deal according to your needs. Therefore, call Costa Rica Sun Real Estate or use the contact form for more info.

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